Desert Oasis Healthcare (DOHC) provides medical care and wellness services to patients in the Coachella Valley and surrounding desert communities of Riverside and San Bernardino counties in California.

DOHC Office
DOHC Office

Structure of the Organization

DOHC serves over 60,000 members/patients by contracting or working with:

DOHC’s network of primary care and specialty providers is comprised of members of an Independent Physician Association (IPA) and our medical group. These are legal entities organized and directed by physicians in private or group practices.

Heritage Provider Network

In 1979, Dr. Merkin founded the predecessor to Heritage Provider Network (HPN), which currently serves nearly 700,000 individuals in California, making it one of the largest IPA’s in the United States. DOHC is a member of Heritage Provider Network (HPN), and was formed in 1981 as Desert Medical Group. It merged with Oasis Independent Physician Association in 2006 to form DOHC.

HPN is a limited Knox-Keene licensed organization in California that provides affordable quality care to its members, offering innovative programs and services designed specifically for the managed care environment.

Making the Most of Healthcare | About DOHC

Make the Most of Your Healthcare

Access services to manage, treat, and prevent a range of medical concerns to make the most of your healthcare and live well.

Your Insurance Plan

DOHC contracts with health care plans (Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and private health plans) so patients can access the wide network of providers and services available through DOHC.

Preventive Health Services

HPN’s preventive health care services include:

  • Assessment of internal and external statistical data and surveys to monitor compliance with medical policies, procedures, and standards
  • Employer-based health education, vaccinations, and fitness programs
  • Programs to review utilization, quality assurance compliance, medical risk management, and patient issues and concerns

Classes & Events

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