Mission, Vision, & Values

Desert Oasis Healthcare’s mission and vision define our organization’s purpose and shape the care we provide to patients and families.

Our Mission

Desert Oasis Healthcare is committed to the provision and facilitation of the highest quality medical care to the residents of the desert communities.

Our Vision

We will strive to be an organization which provides excellence in every encounter. As a result, we will be recognized by:

  • Our patients as their caregivers of choice
  • Our employees as their employer of choice
  • Our provider and health plan partners as their healthcare network of choice

Our Values

Desert Oasis Healthcare values:

  • Employees and Their Development
    • We will foster trust and respect within the organization
    • We will train and educate employees for the future
    • We will promote from within whenever appropriate
  • Open and Honest Communication
    • We value open, constructive, timely, and clear communications
    • We will protect individuals' right to freely exchange ideas and express opinions and concerns accomplished in an open and constructive manner
  • Teamwork
    • We recognize our success together is a direct result of our efforts as a team
    • We will develop and empower teams to identify and resolve organizational issues and concerns
    • We will be collectively responsible for the organization's successes and / or failures
  • The Customer
    • We will make understanding and satisfying customer needs our top priority
    • We will treat each other, and our customers, well
  • Highest Personal and Professional Standards
    • We will recruit, reward and retain employees and physicians of the highest caliber
    • We will hold each other accountable to act in ways consistent with our values

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