Published on May 06, 2019

dohc nurses week: may 6 - 12, 2019

Desert Oasis Healthcare honors its nurses while celebrating the work of Palm Springs Pride in building bridges among communities

(May 6, 2019 – Palm Springs, CA)
Nurses’ Week is marked each year as May 6-12 to recognize the work done by the women and men who are such essential parts of patient healthcare. The week concludes on the birthday of Florence Nightingale, a social reformer regarded as the founder of modern nursing. Her work in battlefront hospitals during the Crimean War in Europe famously earned her the Victorian Era nickname “The Lady with the Lamp.

“I went into nursing years ago for the same reason so many others do. I felt a deep connection for helping people get well and maintain optimal health. But I know that our all of nurses, whether they are working directly with patients or are handling administrative duties at DOHC, feel the same way.”

Maggie Deering, RN and VP of Clinical Services Integration at Desert Oasis Healthcare

Nurses are an important part of any patient’s care team at DOHC, along with primary care physicians, pharmacists, and others. But DOHC nurses are also out-in-the-field as visiting Home Health nurses, as well as filling many leadership roles for one of the Coachella Valley’s largest employers, which was recently named a Great Place to Work once again.

Because they serve … and employ … so many people in local communities, Desert Oasis Healthcare feels a deep commitment to helping support area nonprofit organizations from senior centers to food banks and many other causes. On May 15, DOHC will sponsor two tables of 10 at the Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast, one of those tables being reserved for local students who might not otherwise be able to attend.

“I attended this event last year and found it to be very moving. As a mother of four daughters, I am so grateful for the work this event and Palm Springs Pride does for local Gay-Straight Alliances. These organizations are truly helping to build bridges of understanding and tolerance.”

Edith Jones-Poland, MD

For more about both Nurses’ Week and the Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast, watch the interview below:

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