Published on February 19, 2020

DOHC Arine Virtual Pharmacist

Virtual Pharmacist introduced at Desert Oasis Healthcare

Improving chronic condition treatment through Arine’s data science technology.

(February 19, 2020 – Palm Springs, CA)
Desert Oasis Healthcare (DOHC) has entered into a multi-year commercial partnership with Arine, a healthcare technology company combining data science with clinical expertise. Arine’s Virtual Pharmacist software platform will be used to ensure DOHC patients are on the safest and most effective medications for their chronic conditions. Those conditions currently include Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Heart Failure, Cardiovascular conditions, and Diabetes.

Arine Process

The Virtual Pharmacist brings logic and efficiency to a very complicated task for DOHC clinical pharmacists who are members of patient care teams in the Population Health and Prescription Management Department. The department is known internally and by patients as PHARxM – pronounced “Farm.”

“This new tool presents a lot of complex information in an easy-to-view, easy-to-understand dashboard so we can quickly focus on important care decisions. The Virtual Pharmacist allows my team of pharmacists to support DOHC nurses, physicians and other care team members to serve more patients, better and faster.”

Lindsey Valenzuela, Administrator of PHARxM

Analyzing social, clinical and behavioral data on an ongoing basis to pinpoint patient health needs, the Virtual Pharmacist highlights existing access issues and identifies dangerous gaps in care. It then uses artificial intelligence to generate tailored, evidence-based treatment plans designed to improve health outcomes and reduce costs.

Almost 90% of healthcare spending in the United States is driven by patients with chronic conditions, many of whom are treated with chronic medications. Over $520B in annual unnecessary spending can be directly tied to negative clinical consequences of mismanaged medications.

“This partnership and technology-enabled approach will reduce the unnecessary costs associated with non-optimized therapy, especially for patients on multiple concurrent medications. Most importantly, the Virtual Pharmacist will help DOHC care teams scale their impact to thousands of patients in the desert communities of southern California."

Yoona Kim, CEO of Arine.

“The Virtual Pharmacist is like a highly-capable, senior member of our patient care team,” says Valenzuela. “It’s as if we’ve added a new colleague whose sole purpose is to deliver tailored, actionable recommendations to our patients.”

Press Contact

Barry Dayton
Director of Marketing
Desert Oasis Healthcare

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About Arine

Arine is a healthcare technology company that combines data science with clinical expertise to ensure that patients are on the safest and most effective medications for their conditions. The company's proprietary platform, the Virtual Pharmacist, aggregates and analyzes clinical and behavioral data to identify gaps in patient care and uses artificial intelligence to address and resolve them on behalf of Arine's partners. The company's platform is being used to optimize treatment plans, monitor medication performance, and improve outcomes for patients on multiple medications by leading healthcare organizations. For more information, visit