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How to Enroll

DOHC is an organization that contracts to provide health care services. The way you become a member of DOHC depends on your insurance plan. View a list of the health plans we accept.

If You Have Medicare

Search the various Medicare Advantage plans we contract with here. If you need help choosing a Medicare Advantage plan, or have questions about signing up, attend a free seminar at DOHC.

After you decide on a carrier or plan, select a DOHC primary care provider through your selected plan’s website.

If You Have Commercial HMO Insurance

You can become a member of DOHC through:

  • An employer group
  • Privately purchased policy through an insurance broker
  • Privately purchased policy from a health plan we accept through the health care exchange website

New Member Orientation & Guide

Get the most out of your membership with resources that introduce you to the wide range of DOHC services that can help you improve your health.

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Call Desert Oasis Healthcare’s Customer Service Department at 760-320-5134 or contact us via email.

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