Life Planning

Be Prepared. But when it comes to our health, we all prefer to know what the future will bring.

No matter what your age, you should be ready with one or more important Life Planning documents. These will help your healthcare provider in situations like these:

  • Serious accident
  • Life-altering diagnosis
  • Your future quality-of-life becomes uncertain

Desert Oasis Healthcare can help you document your wishes for care, in anticipation of unexpected, future developments in your health.

It’s important that your health care team knows YOUR wishes in the event of a serious illness or diagnosis.

Desert Oasis Healthcare (DOHC) urges everyone to not only consider these questions but to RECORD the answers with legally-binding documents. These documents include the Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) form or an Advance Healthcare Directive (AHCD.)

Please consider:

  • What are your most important goals if your health situation worsens?
  • What are your biggest fears and worries about the future regarding your health?
  • What gives you strength as you think about the future?
  • Which abilities are so critical to your life that you can’t imagine living without them?
  • If your health worsens, how much are you willing to go through for the possibility of gaining more time?
  • How much does your family know about your priorities and wishes?
  • Do you have any questions regarding your health?

POLST = Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment

This bright pink form might help to save your life – but only if it’s completed before it’s needed!

Once completed and on-file with DOHC, we suggest you keep the completed form in a visible location like on your refrigerator door, in case it’s needed by emergency responders. The POLST will let them know your wishes,

  • Administering CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)
  • Full Treatment – with the primary goal of prolonging life by all medically-effective means
  • Selective Treatment – treating medical conditions while avoiding burdensome measures
  • Comfort-Focused Treatment – with the primary goal of maximizing comfort
  • Artificially Administered Nutrition

If you have a chronic, progressive illness or other serious health condition, the POLST is an essential form for you to have in-place to make sure your wishes are known and followed.

California law requires that a POLST form must be followed by healthcare providers. After the POLST is completed, a provider will sign it and a copy will be kept it in your patient file.

Print POLST Forms Here

Advance Healthcare Directive = Durable Power of Attorney + Living Will

Like the POLST, the Advance Healthcare Directive (AHCD) is also a legal document. In California, the AHCD includes both the Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare and the Living Will.

Anyone over the age of 18 is encouraged to have an ACHD in place because it allows you to:

  • Make decisions about your healthcare wishes in the future
  • Appoint a healthcare decision-maker to speak on your behalf.

If you currently have a directive please provide it to your healthcare team for review.

Life Planning is too important to put off!

Your primary care physician and your entire healthcare team at Desert Oasis Healthcare want to fully support your wishes for your future care. Please help us to help you.
Consider completing a POLST and an AHCD today. We will ensure that these become a part of your patient record, so that your wishes for care are honored … whenever that time may come, tomorrow or many years from now.

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