Diabetes Supplies


As your supply of test strips and lancets decreases, please contact us for a new supply. Diabetic testing supplies can be mailed to your home address or picked up at one of our DOHC locations.

Calling in supplies:

From Palm Springs area: 760-320-8814 x1699 or Out of area: 888-689-9855

If you receive the voicemail/answering service, please provide the following information:

  • Full name – spell your first and last name speaking slowly
  • Telephone number – best number to reach you
  • Items you are requesting: lancets, test strips, lancing device, glucose monitor, control solution or logbook.
  • If you are taking insulin
  • If you wish for your supplies to be mailed to your address or if you will be picking them up

Picking up supplies:

You may pick up your supplies in Palm Springs, Yucca Valley, or Indio. Hours for pick up are Monday through Friday 8-5pm  Closed 12-1pm for lunch. It is highly recommended that you still call ahead of time so we can have the supplies ready for you when you arrive. Please call us with the location you will be using for pick-up.

Mailing supplies:

Please make sure you provide us with a current address that you regularly check for mail and packages.

Please request supplies 14-days in advance and allow 10-business days for delivery by mail.

NEW Online Diabetes Education

DOHC is pleased to offer a free online class for members with Type 2 diabetes. This self-paced class will help you understand more about diabetes, how it is treated, how to avoid complications, and lifestyle tips to not only stay healthy but live well. You can access the class from anywhere using a smart phone, tablet or computer. Click here to learn more and get started, or call us at 760-328-4499 x2805 for any questions.

To learn more about DOHC's general diabetes care, please call 760-969-6560, or ask your doctor for more information.

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