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Expect high-quality care when you visit a Desert Advanced Imaging (also known as RadNet) for your exam. Desert Advanced Imaging is DOHC’s partner for radiology services.

Desert Advanced Imaging is now partnered with Coachella Valley Imaging to provide radiology services for DOHC members.

Medical Imaging Tests

Benefit from advanced technology in the hands of experts. Based on your symptoms and other factors, your doctor may recommend:

  • Bone density scan, also known as a dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scan – Checks the strength of your bones
  • CT scan, or computed tomography scan – Takes detailed pictures of the inside of the body
  • Fluoroscopy – Uses a special imaging device (fluoroscope) to create a real-time movie to examine how well parts of the body work
  • MRI scan, or magnetic resonance imaging scan – Creates pictures of the inside of the body using radio waves and a magnet
  • Nuclear medicine services, such as a PET/CT scan – Uses a small, safe amount of radioactive material and imaging technology to diagnose or treat a health condition
  • Mammogram – Examines breast tissue for signs of cancer
  • Ultrasound – Uses soundwaves to look at the inside of the body
  • X-ray – Makes photos of the inside of the body using a safe amount of radiation

What to Expect

Ask your scheduler or your doctor’s assistant how to prepare for your test. You may need to follow certain instructions about what you eat or drink, or what medications you take. Before, during, and after your appointment, count on your provider to answer your questions and help you feel comfortable.

Most scans are done on an outpatient basis, which means you visit the facility for your scan and go home afterward.

Coordinated Care

Your test results will be shared with your DOHC doctor. Your doctor’s care team will notify you of the results and help you understand any next steps.

Order from Your Doctor

You’ll need an order from your Primary Care or other doctor for these services. If you have questions, contact customer service at 760-320-5134.

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