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Customer Service 760-320-5134

E-mail our customer service to get help to navigate the health care system and DOHC from our caring and knowledgeable customer service coordinators. The Customer Service Department is managed by a registered nurse who works closely with our physicians and staff, so your medical care is coordinated and delivered at the highest possible standards.

24/7 Patient Helpline

Call 760-969-6555 to reach staff who can:

  • Answer questions about your health, medications, treatments, or medical supplies
  • Coordinate a same-day appointment
  • Determine if you should visit an immediate care location

If you have questions after discharge from a hospital or a skilled nursing facility, call the patient helpline to reach a DOHC case management representative.

How We Help

Call to talk to staff who can:

  • Answer general questions
  • Connect you with the right person at our organization
  • Give physician office addresses and telephone numbers
  • Offer location and hours information for services such as lab tests and x-rays
  • Provide your referral status

Give Feedback

Your membership and feedback are valuable to us. Let us know when you’re happy with our services or if there’s something we can do to improve your experience. give your feedback

News & Media Contact

DOHC welcomes fair and reasonable press coverage. We issue press releases and post content actively on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. To request an interview or permission to use our logos, photos, videos, or other materials, contact the Marketing Department at 760-320-8814.

24/7 Patient Helpline 760-969-6555

Call Customer Service 760-320-5134 or 800-500-5215.  If you have a hearing or speech impairment, use our (TTY/TDD) line at 711.

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