How to Sign Up

Learn who is able to sign up for the NextGen Patient Portal and how to set up an account so you can access your medical information from Desert Oasis Healthcare (DOHC).

Who Can Sign Up?

You can create a NextGen Patient Portal account to communicate with your care team if you’re a DOHC patient age 18 or older and:

  • Your provider uses the portal (search for your provider and read their profile to learn if they use the NextGen portal, or ask them if they use the portal.)
  • You’re in DOHC’s Case Management program.
  • You’re in DOHC’s Population Health and Prescription Management program.

Can I Have One Account for My Whole Family?

For security, each member of your family must have his or her own individual account.

Your Child’s Account

If your child 12 or younger is a DOHC patient, you can create and monitor an account for them.

How to Register

You may receive an invitation to the portal during your visit to your health care provider’s office. To enroll in NextGen Patient Portal, register your email address in person at your provider’s office, an immediate care location, or DOHC’s Health Information Management Office.

Enrollment Instructions

You’ll receive step-by-step enrollment instructions at your provider’s office and/or to the email address you provided during your visit. The instructions will let you log in to the NextGen patient portal website with a temporary username and password. Verify your identity by answering the security question in your enrollment instructions.

Once your account is set up, create your own username, password, and security questions and answers.

Using the Secure Portal

Explore how you can use the portal and how we keep your information confidential.

Log In to NextGen

Sign in to your Desert Oasis Healthcare account to talk to your doctor, view test results, and more.

Contact Us

Call toll-free 844-469-7678 to get answers to your questions about NextGen Patient Portal.

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