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DOHC's Live Chat feature offers the ability to communicate in real-time with your care team through an easy-to-use chat window. Live Chat is available on both desktops and mobile devices, like your smart phone, on either Apple or Android operating systems.

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Live Chat on Mobile
Live Chat on Desktop

How to Start a Live Chat

Just look for this Live Chat icon on the bottom right of your screen and click on it to make the window expand:

Live Chat | Icon

The window will pop up and fill up the entire screen.

The window will pop up on the bottom right of your screen.

Here's what it will look like:

Live Chat | Window

How to Chat

Once the window is open, begin typing your question, or use a keyword to speed up the process. We have a full list of keywords below for you to choose from.

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For a faster response, please use one of the following keywords:

  • For Appointments: appointment, appt, schedule, provider name, virtual visits, visit, immediate care
  • For Billing: bill, invoice, payment, pay
  • For Medical Questions: covid19, covid-19, covid, cold, coughing, fever, sneezing, pain, sick, chest pain, shortness of breath, illness, wound
  • For Customer Service: benefits, insurance, referral status, new member guide, new member, new patient, language assistance
  • For Medication Questions: rx refill, refill, medication, pill, pills, prescription, diabetic supplies, glucometer, strips, lancet, diabetes, copd, anticoagulant, blood thinner, blood sugar, blood pressure, blood pressure cuff, medication cost
  • For Patient Portal: portal, patient portal, next md
  • For Other Case Management: case management, medical records, life planning

Closing the Chat

To close the live chat window, please click the 'x' icon in the upper right of the live chat window:

Live Chat | Close (Mobile)

To close the live chat window, please click the 'x' icon below the live chat window:

Live Chat | Close (Desktop)

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