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OUR SENIORS Asked Questions about the Flu Season

Last updated: 2020-2021 Flu Season

Does the flu shot increase your risk of getting COVID-19?

  • There is no evidence that getting the flu vaccine increases the risk of getting COVID-19.
  • It is even more important to take preventable action to reduce illnesses and preserve scarce health care resources during the pandemic.

Isn’t it too early to give out the flu shot? How long does it last?

  • Some believe that early vaccination will shorten its effect and won’t fully protect them the entire flu season.
  • The CDC recommends that people get the flu shot by the end of October since it takes two weeks for the body to be fully protected against the flu virus infection and protection can last for the extent of the season. Getting the vaccine earlier or later should not affect your protection since the many flu strains circulate for the entire flu season and we are already in a pandemic.

There are multiple flu vaccines, does it matter which vaccine is used?

  • According to the CDC, there is no preference for one vaccine over another. The most important thing is that all people six months and older receive the flu vaccine every year.

What flu vaccines are recommended for 2020-2021 season?

  • 65 years and older – Fluzone Quadrivalent, Fluzone HD Quadrivalent or FluAd Quadrivalent with no preference of one over another

Is it true older patients should get a special vaccine?

  • Studies have shown that certain segments of the senior population do better when HIGH DOSE vaccine is given. These are the more frail seniors, seniors with conditions such as CHF, COPD, diabetes and those seniors who are or will spend time in a Skilled Nursing Unit or long term care facility.
  • The CDC has not expressed a preference for any flu vaccine indicated for people 65 and older.
  • Because of COVID-19 the demand for HD flu vaccine has made it difficult to obtain and shortages are expected throughout this flu season.
  • Because of supply and demand issues, DOHC has developed a strategy to ensure those seniors with additional risk factors or conditions that place them at high risk for serious flu complications will be prioritized to receive HIGH-DOSE FLU VACCINE FIRST.
  • DOHC is working with local community pharmacies to also serve as a flu immunizing partner this year as well.

Who should receive the High Dose Flu vaccine?

  • Based on studies, availability and supplies - high dose vaccine is prioritized for the frail elderly over 65 years old, seniors with additional risk factors and seniors who are/have been of will be in long-term care/nursing facilities. Our physicians and the FLU TEAM will assess each senior to see if they should be prioritized for FLUZONE HD. If supplies run low or we are temporarily out we will refer our patients to our community partners to get HIGH DOSE FLU VACCINE.

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Children 9 and over are welcome. For children under 9, please arrange for flu vaccination with your pediatrician. Please bring your insurance card and Photo ID. Also, watch for our new MOBILE Healthcare Clinic!

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