Member Feedback & Satisfaction

Your satisfaction with our services, providers, staff, and the quality of our care are important to Desert Oasis Healthcare (DOHC). Choose from a variety of ways to give us feedback about your experience and share your ideas about how we can improve.


After a recent visit, you may receive a phone call or survey in the mail asking about your experience with our services and providers.

Why We Do Surveys

DOHC surveys members/patients as part of our contract with health plans. Your input can help us make improvements that are meaningful to you, and we appreciate your time and participation.

Who Will Contact You

Your survey will be conducted by Management and Technology Consultants (MTC), a survey company that protects your confidentiality. When they contact you, a representative will say, “This is MTC calling on behalf of Desert Oasis Healthcare.”

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News & Media Contact

DOHC welcomes fair and reasonable press coverage. We issue press releases and post content actively on Facebook & YouTube,  To request an interview or permission to use our logos, photos, videos, or other materials, contact the Marketing Department at 760-320-8814.

Contact Customer Service

Call 760-320-5134 or 800-500-5215 to reach Desert Oasis Healthcare's Customer Service Department. If you have a hearing or speech impairment, use our (TTY/TDD) line at 711.

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